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Thankyou ReenRich Academy for giving me proper and systematic training to crack OET in my first attempt. Thank you!

-- Dr. Devika (OET)

I found ReenRich Academy so supportive. They promised for one to one attention and they stuck to it too. Thank you for helping me to get my required score. I would say ReenRich Academy is the best platform to learn OET.

-- Sajini (OET)

I feel very delighted to say that I got my OET score B only because of ReenRich Academy. The academy is very dedicated towards bringing the best out of the students while providing best strategies and unlimited material.

-- Rekha (OET)

All classes were so good and helpful for preparing for the OET. Individual attention for each section benefited a lot. All teachers were approachable and supported me so much. Thank you so much for the support and prayers.

-- Dr. Drishya (OET)

I had a wonderful experience studying in ReenRich Academy. They helped me a lot for the preparation of my OET exams. Especially the timings for each session were so flexible that I could attend all of them at my convenient time.

-- Dr. Abin (OET)

Thank you ReenRich Academy Team for guiding me in scoring well. The individual attention, updated resources, live feedback sessions and repeated mock tests are the salient features of ReenRich Academy which really helped me. Thank you!

-- Dr. Atul (OET)

A great thanks to Reenrich Academy for their sincere and dedicated efforts, specially for guidance at such a short notice. Also thank you for adjusting the class timings as per my duty schedule. Wishing the Academy great success in future!

-- Nayana (IELTS)

I am from Kottayam. I cracked the OET in my fourth attempt.I Am really thankful to ReenRich academy. Flexible online live classes really helped me to pursue my dream. Thank you everyone for your patience, dedication and support towards me.

-- Betty (OET)

Thank you Roopa madam and Maria maam for helping me clear Oet exam, it wouldn’t have been possible without you, your guidance helped me to understand the pattern and prepare accordingly… specially the mock tests discussions helped me a lot.

-- Dr. Tayyaba (OET)

I didn't even know what an OET exam was until I reached the doorstep of Reenrich Academy. So glad that I found them and they made my journey easy with their constant efforts. Special thanks to Blessy mam , Biya mam , Reena mam and Richa mam.

-- Ashima (OET)

I would like to thank the entire team of ReenRich academy for helping me to prepare for OET. I express my sincere gratitude towards Reena mam who has put lots of effort into improving my skills. I highly recommend ReenRich academy for OET preparation.

-- Linda (OET)

I am extremely thankful to ReenRich Academy, for rendering me with all support with study materials and also helping me with suitable timings. Most thankful to my teachers who really encouraged me and cleared my doubts. Thank you very much everyone!!

-- Reena Daniel (OET)

I am very thankful to Reenrich Academy, especially Neena Mam and Roopa Mam who guided me so well and was very supportive and helpful. They were always available whenever I needed. Also, a special thanks to the staffs for being organised and responding quickly.

-- Dr. Ahmed Shaheem (OET)

I am really thankful for the whole Reen rich academy for making my dream come true and come out with flying colors .The classes are really beneficial with individual attention .All the trainers were good and supportive .I am grateful to the whole team for my success

-- Dr. Farhana Sherin (OET)

A big thanks to ReenRich Academy and the team, especially Reena ma’am. Thanking is not enough for what I have received from the academy, it has made the impossible possible for me. Without their help, I would not have managed to score what I needed and to follow my passion.

-- Dr. Muhsina (OET)

I am very grateful for all the support from Reena academy that has enabled me to accomplish my desired score in OET. It took me a while to get there but they didn’t lose hope so didn’t I. At the end I would like to thank all the tutors who helped me throughout and I wish them all the best .

-- Kanchan (OET)

I would like to thank the entire team of ReenRich academy for helping to clear my oet exam.I express my sincere gratitude towards Roopa ma'am who has given me guidance, hope and to improve my skills.she helped me a lot.The mock tests were also beneficial for me to a great extent.Thank you very much

-- Richard Gilbert (OET)

My sincere thanks to all the trainers of ReenRich Academy who helped me to clear the OET exam and achieve the required score in the first attempt itself. The teachers were very approachable and always available to answer any questions at any time. Their guidance has helped me immensely to achieve my goal.

-- Reny (OET)

I would like to express my deepest thanks to entire team of reenrich acedemy.I express my sincere gratitude towards reena maam, neena maam and roopa ma'am .I got a clear picture about how to tackle a roleplay card through the faculties of reenrich academy.Thank you reenrich for providing systematic training.

-- Kripa Mary (OET)

I feel overwhelmed to share that I received my OET score with the help of ReenRich Academy. The teachers work tirelessly in improving and bringing the best out of us. Practice, concentration and hard work along with the best strategies will do wonders. I would highly recommend ReenRich Academy for OET preparations.

-- Nikita (OET)

I am really thankful to all my teachers of Reenrich Academy for putting their maximum effort in bringing out the best in me. They gave us what we were promised - individual sessions, class timings that fit into our schedule, weekly mock tests and their reviews and finally the most friendly approach. Thank you once again.

-- Dr. Asiya (OET)

Thank you Reena mam for your wonderful support and guidance to achieve my goal.Because of her advice and techniques for all the modules, I was able to pass the OET exam in my first attempt. The speaking sessions were amazing ,that's how I gained confidence in speaking.Once again my heartfelt thanks to the ReenRich team.

-- Rigi Varghese (OET)

I cannot thank you enough, for the immense support and guidance provided to me in the form of unlimited letter corrections, study materials and regular mock tests, in achieving my dream score in the first attempt itself...Thanks for supporting me. I totally recommend the academy and the trainers to aspiring OET candidates.

-- Dr. Femi (OET Pharma)

I am overwhelmed with the joy of clearing the OET examination.In this occasion,I would like to thank Reenrich Academy for providing all the necessary support and resources for this triumph.The grammar sessions,weekly tests and dedication of the teachers & managers were phenomenal throughout the journey of my preparations.

-- Dr. Kanniyan Binub (OET)

Thank you ReenRich Academy for the immense help and support to crack my OET. The guidance and tips especially for my weaker areas were very helpful. I am very grateful to all my trainers for their help and support. In addition, the flexible slot booking facility for the class helped me a lot to carry my study and job together.

-- Sandra (OET)

OET had become impossible for me. But ReenRich Academy has provided an excellent and stress free atmosphere to learn OET exactly as we wanted. Especially, Blessy maam's dedication and commitment made me clear OET. Overall coordination by Reena Mam and Biya Mam were excellent. I would highly recommend ReenRich Academy to everyone.

-- Caroline (OET)

ReenRich Academy always provided me with the assistance that I required for my overall preparation and to improve my skills. I cracked my OET exam in my first attempt because of this academy. Thanks a lot for providing the unlimited materials, support and guidance. What I liked the most was flexible timings which made things easier for me.

-- Ina Thakur (OET)

ReenRich has been a really helpful platform to learn OET. The trainers and the other staff from this academy have mentors, dedicated to nurturing each student's potential. They not only taught me OET concepts, but also they motivated me to be constant in holding my dreams! Thank you ReenRich Academy for helping me to achieve my desired score!

-- Lini (OET)

I am really thankful to all my teachers in Reenrich academy for putting their maximum effort in order to bring out the best results. Academy provided us what we were promised like individual sessions,mock tests , flexible timings for classes and a friendly approach too. I would highly recommend Reenrich academy to everyone. Thank you once again!!

-- Snowy Saji (OET)

I am very happy to share my experience.. Thanku Reena mam and Richa mam for helping me to crack my OET exam. Thanku is not enough because their sessions are for the whole day according to our timing and they both are very friendly to ask any questions at any time. Once again a big thanks to the ReenRich Academy team for helping me to achieve my goal.

-- Anitta (OET)

I was able to clear my OET examination in my first attempt, much thanks to the ReenRich academy faculty. The flexibility in timings and one-on-one coaching really helped me during hectic hours of work. All the teachers were really supportive and helpful. All classes were planned and worth the time. Thank you so much for being the reason for my achievement.

-- Dr. Reiham Shafir (OET)

I had a wonderful experience with Britfort Academy.With their proper guidance and training I was able to get a B score in all 4 modules. Especially Mrs Reena Ma’am,she helped me a lot with her high quality teaching skills and well prepared materials.I am glad she helped me to improve my OET listening skills and definitely recommend her to all OET candidates.

-- Paramita Roy (OET)

I am so thankful to the ReenRich Academy and the trainers for helping me throughout the journey of OET preparation. They had provided me with free grammar classes, live mock tests, unlimited writing and doubt sessions. Reena ma’am and Richa ma’am were approachable and they used to explain the course to me in an easy way so that I could pass the exam without any problem.

-- Sherin (OET)

I still remember my first class where I had zero idea about OET exam. I was very nervous and didn’t even know whether I had made the right decision. But with constant support and motivation I was able to crack the exam in my very first attempt. All thanks to the whole team of Reenrich academy. They always pushed me to do better and I am glad to be a part of the academy.

-- Deepali Singhal (OET)

I would like to thank the entire team of ReenRich academy for helping me to prepare for OET. I express my sincere gratitude towards Blessy mam who has put lots of effort into improving my skills. I had all my queries addressed before my exam and this helped me a lot.The mock tests were also beneficial for me to a great extent.Thank you ReenRich for providing me systematic and wonderful training.

-- Dr. Parvathy (OET)

I feel utmost gratitude towards the trainers and the Reenrich academy for providing me with proper guidance and discipline that was needed to crack the IELTS examination. All necessary tips on how to go forward with the paper were given. The demo class helped them to gain a little insight about me and then start focusing on the areas where I needed more attention. I'm really grateful for all the guidance.

-- Anna Saji (IELTS)

I just want to say "Thank you" to ReenRich Academy and the team. for helping me throughout the journey of OET preparation. They had provided me with free grammar classes, live mock tests, unlimited writing and doubt sessions. ReenRich Academy was really Amazing specially their online sessions were also good. They have the best faculty and Management who are flexible to student's needs and requirements.

-- Anju Saji (OET)

I am immensely grateful for the exceptional experience I had at the ReenRich Academy. The instructors' dedication to providing personalized guidance, comprehensive study materials, and give valuable insights which helped in my success in the IELTS exam. Thanks to their unwavering support, I achieved a score beyond my expectations and confidently recommend this academy to anyone aspiring to conquer the IELTS challenge

-- Ashish James (IELTS)

Thanks to Reen Rich Academy for their exceptional coaching and comprehensive study materials, I achieved an outstanding score in my IELTS exam. The experienced instructors guided me through each section, offering valuable insights and personalized feedback. Their supportive and encouraging environment boosted my confidence, enabling me to excel in all aspects of the test. I highly recommend ReenRich Academy to anyone aiming to succeed in the IELTS exam.

-- Ashik (IELTS)

I would like to thank the faculty at ReenRich Academy who surely knew what they were doing and as to how to bring the confidence in me alive. I am very grateful that I found out about Reenrich just a week before my exam and it surely did help me, the amount of work that my trainer put into me analyzing and resolving the issues and doubts I had, Because of all the tips and tricks she gave I was able to pass my IELTS exam in the first attempt with flying colors.

-- Naitik (IELTS)

I would like to thank Reena ma’am for dedicating time to help me in getting better result for OET. I was actually going to give up on it but the support I got from her was really helpful and made me change my perception about OET. I am speechless and overwhelmed for all the guidance I have received from this academy. Reena ma’am always responded to my concerns and gave me strategies to improve. I really appreciate all the feedback and time the trainer has given me.

-- Malilo Toro (OET)

I am really thankful for all the support and guidance I got from each faculty of Reenrich academy. I would like to acknowledge Priya mam who diligently taught me to do better in writing. Special tips and tricks that she shared during the course helped me to attain my desired result. Biya mam coordinated well, even if it's late at night she is ready to provide information. The individual sessions and flexible timing options helped me a lot to maintain a balance in my other work.

-- Vineeta (IELTS)

I am extremely pleased with the quality of training provided by the team. Excellent coaching with individual attention is very helpful for me. The whole team, teaching faculty were really supportive. They made a good effort to ensure that the students understand everything. They helped me to crack my OET. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of ReenRich Academy for their valuable time and dedication. I would strongly recommend ReenRich Academy to each one of my friends????

-- Dr. Malavika (OET)

Enrolling in ReenRich OET classes was a game-changer for me. The comprehensive curriculum, personalized attention, and interactive sessions not only improved my language skills but also boosted my confidence. The simulated exams and feedback from Ms Athira and Ms Roopa helped me pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring I was well-prepared for the real test. Thanks to OET classes, I achieved my desired score and am now on my way to pursuing my professional goals. I can't forget how Biya arranges my classes.

-- Dr. Mona (OET)

I cleared the OET exam on my first attempt. It was a very wonderful experience learning with ReenRich Academy. I received good training from Reena ma’am because she was like a friend more than a mentor. The trainers were ready to help me out at any time despite their busy schedules. I got free grammar classes before starting with OET classes which really helped me in putting a base in my course. Weekly mock tests were conducted which helped me to analyze that I was ready for the exam. ReenRich Academy has trained me well to crack the exam. Thank you so much!

-- Naicy (OET)

I would like to thank Reenrich Academy for helping me to get an overall score of 7. With this score, I am very confident that I’ll be selected for the course which I have applied for. I remember the time when I was thinking about whether I should join the IELTS coaching or not. Luckily, I made the right decision by joining. Actually, I should have joined even earlier. The practice sessions specifically for speaking and writing were very beneficial to me and I did enjoy it a lot. I’ll definitely recommend Reenrich Academy to my friends. Thank you again for your great support!

-- Alphy Maria James (IELTS)

I am thrilled to share my gratitude for the exceptional support provided by ReenRich Academy in achieving my desired overall band score of 7 in the IELTS exam. Their comprehensive curriculum, personalized guidance, and dedicated instructors played a pivotal role in honing my skills and boosting my confidence. From effective strategies to insightful feedback, every aspect of their coaching program was tailored to ensure my success. Thanks to their unwavering commitment and expertise, I was able to surpass my goals and open doors to exciting opportunities. I highly recommend ReenRich Academy to anyone aspiring for excellence in the IELTS exam.

-- Ruth (IELTS)

I am from Malapuram. I am really glad today with my OET results. The major share of this happiness goes to the academy and Reena madam who had guided and trained me in this short while and helped me to pass the exam. The online classes were highly effective for all the four modules. The speaking sections were so friendly and comfortable, and really helped me to improve my language and to build my confidence. They also organized several mock tests and provided excellent resources which were a great aid for me to prepare for the exam. I gratefully express my sincere thanks to the whole team, especially Reena madam for what I have achieved today. Thanks a lot!!

-- Dr. Jafar (OET)

I had appeared for IELTS exam twice but couldn’t get the required score. So I thought of giving OET as I came to know from my colleagues that OET is relatively doable than IELTS as it’s more specific for the discipline/speciality we choose,but had no clue of how this exam is;except knowing that there are four modules. Slowly Roopa Mam started this course right from the introductory syllabus explaining me what is to be done in each module. My weaker modules were writing and speaking where in I couldn’t express my thoughts clearly but I should thanks the tutors who built up good confidence in me throughout the training process and I scored more in those two modules. Special mention also to Biya who use to schedule the classes everyday without any delay. Thanks to the team and I am glad that I cleared my OET exam in first attempt with our joint efforts.

-- Dr. Harsh (OET)

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