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Individual Attention & Feedback

A unique corrections and feedback method by ReenRich Academy ensures you achieve the best scores. One to one interaction also allows each of you to get the individual attention.

Flexible timing

ReenRich Academy gives you liberty to choose the timing for the live sessions on a daily basis. This allows you to complete the course without resigning from the job.

Free Crash Course

ReenRich Academy provides extensive and comprehensive coverage of each module right before the exam. This exclusive feature by ReenRich Academy bridges up the gap between the course completion and date of exam.

Free Grammar Session

Get a free orientation to English Grammar after you enroll for any course with ReenRich Academy. This would further enhance your confidence.

Periodic Mock test

Periodic mock tests in ReenRich Academy help you to get familiar with the test format, boost the score gradually and determine your strength and weakness.

Free study materials

ReenRich provides you free and updated study materials. Get access to more than 100 materials.

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